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Calm and Focused - (GA20141018_1078)

Taken at The Sankofa: Caravan to the Ancestors

The Caravan is open to all faith traditions and attendees are urged to wear white in support of African spiritual traditions. There are two days of activities prior to the Ceremony in Galveston, which takes place in Houston, Texas. Sankofa is a word from the Akan people of West, Africa which means: Go Back To Your Past and bring to the present, past values needed now. Often the concept of Sankofa is symbolized by a mythical bird which moves forward while looking backward. Certain depictions of the Sankofa bird shows an egg being held within it’s beak symbolizing the future of those yet to be born, if the egg is held too tight then it will break, if the egg is held too loose then it will fall. One must move forward while gaining wisdom from the past and exacting the proper balance in preparation for the future. The Caravan makes the Sankofa connection through prayer, ritual, African drumming and dancing, speakers and martial arts.