Gason Ayisyin | About

Gason Ayisyin is a New Orleans-based photographer born in Cabaret, Haiti. Gason immigrated to the United States as a young child, settling a close-knit neighborhood in South Florida where he sustained a traditional Haitian lifestyle before moving to New Orleans in 2001.

Gason’s self-studied interest in photography began in high school while in South Florida and continued thereafter.  However, a pivotal moment after Hurricane Katrina transitioned his interest from casual enjoyment to purposeful vision.  Soon after, Gason developed a loyal following that has dubbed him The Spirit Catcher, due to his combination of spirituality and storytelling in a documentary style of photography.  Gason seeks not to capture moments, but energies; thus, his artistic viewpoint immortalizes expressions of the inner-self and cuts through pretense to expose spirit and the beauty that emanates from such truth.

Gason’s work has earned invitations to show in the group exhibitions Ashe to Amen:  A Visual Art Exhibit Exploring the Enduring Spirituality of People of African Descent, Ashe Cultural Arts Center, New Orleans; YOUth Matters, Xavier University, New Orleans; and Nurtured: Shaping Tomorrow’s Culture Bearers, Joan Mitchell Center, New Orleans.   Moreover, his work has been featured in the Gambit and Times Picayune. 

Gason currently works between Galveston, New York City, Philadelphia and Haiti.